Monday, August 30, 2010

My First RTF Blog Post!

Hello everyone,

For the Love of Film....

Media connects the world. It’s like a universal language that everyone – no matter one’s race or background - can understand. Media has the ability to relate to people worldwide. Understanding the complexity of how global media affects the world is the manuscript for future filmmakers. One can’t fully understand the world of filmmaking until one dives full force into the underlying significance of media in society.

            So, it’s for the love of the art, film that is, that I am taking RTF 305. I can’t understand the art until I can completely understand how “my art” affects people. For the love of film, I am plunging into the history of multimedia. I hope to not only learn about the history of communications but to grasp the essence of how to let my films speak the universal language that it has the potential of offering. I am hopeful that RFT305 will be a major building block in my future as a filmmaker - it's the PERFECT picture start!

My favorite blog:

I normally use blogs as a means of communication with my friends that travel the world. This summer my friend and I spent our summers in Africa. I spent the summer in Tanzania. My friend, Megan, spent her summer in Ghana. We used blogs as our way of communication to each other about our adventures. (Using blogs was easier than using “BIG, take-a-long-time-to-load” websites like Facebook).

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