Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coca Cola - An American "Classic" for Advertising

For decades, Coca Cola has become a typical classic American icon. It’s the classic soda that is guaranteed at restaurants, backyard barbeques, or Forth of July parties. Everyone in America knows coke is America’s favorite soft drink. Everyone loves coke. Even Santa loves coke, coming from the previous Christmas Coca Cola advertisements. Coca Cola’s consistent advertising over the years on American billboards, magazines, and TV networks has allowed for Americans to be brainwashed people to believe there is nothing more standard than coke. People have a common tread to believe coke as a iconic figure in the American society. Coca Cola’s advertising has created a sense of unity in the American culture – everyone needs a coke, every AMERICAN needs a coke. Coca Cola has made appeals to escape and prominence in the American society that is convinced Americans of this outlook.
The Coca Cola ad campaign’s new slogan of “Open Happiness” has many powerful appeals to society. Coca Cola has already convinced Americans that Coke is the only soda to drink, now they just need to convince Americans to drink it more frequently. The “Open Happiness” ads are key in the appeal to escape. The escape of happiness. Everyone has a common hierarchy of needs (Maslows hierarchy of needs) in which happiness is crucial. Coca Colas ad touches that hierarchy of needs – the appeal of escape through happiness. The ad explains that with every sip of coke, the consumer escapes into happiness. Consumers want that. This is ad is very persuasive because it has touch of classic American happiness. Every American sips on coke, every American wants happiness. Coca Cola had driven that into us all. Coca Cola has also driven the classic outlook of Americanism into us all. The following ad below the “Open Happiness” ad looks into the prominence and achievement appeal. It establishes the classic American outlook – that all Americans drink coke even the classic American icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Coca Cola has driven that “classic” appeal of achievement into us all.

The appeals of escape in the ads lead way to a pleasurable idea. The idea of happiness is a escape – an escape from troubles, worries, and stress. This type of campaigning comes from the happiness after using the product. One will experience different feelings after using the product. The Coca Cola ad appeal is effective. Every time one opens the bottle of coke – happiness and escape prevails. Using Coca Cola will free one from anxieties and worries. The coke ad also appeals to affiliation – if one doesn’t drink coke, one might be left out of the norm of society. Everyone drinks coke, one might fear of dissociation if not drinking the popular drink. Coca Cola does an excellent job of appealing to escape, afflation, and prominence by advertising coke as an American classic. The constant yearly brainwashing has finally paid off.
Coca Cola has become a classic icon in the American culture. It is seen in our refrigerators, restaurants, and even Santa’s hands. It’s a classic that every American is brainwashed to drink. Coca Cola’s success and dominance can be blamed on their extensive advertising – the “classic” way of getting to Americans.