Saturday, November 20, 2010


Globalization is the increasing interconnectedness throughout the world’s nations, cultures, and people groups. Throughout the years, businesses and media have converted their local scales to become more and more global. No longer are things on the local scale – almost everything is worldwide. Accelerations in technology have contributed to this globalization. Technology has made it possible for communication, media, ideas, and goods to be exchanged easily and conveniently throughout the world. This globalization has increased opportunities for cultures to unite worldwide through business, consumer products, and media. This has increased our global sense of unity throughout our world. Globalization is the connection that connects us all.
Hybridity is the connection or mixing of previously separate cultures throughout a period of time. Hybridity occurs when two cultures mix so thoroughly that a third culture is created. This culture is then seen as a separate culture on its own much like the United States. So as globalization prevails in society through the exchange of ideas and products amongst different peoples and cultures in society, hybridity of cultures will naturally prevail on its own.
            The American television series, Ugly Betty, is a beautiful example of this concept. Ugly Betty conveys hybridity due to its connection to a Columbian telenovela. Ugly Betty is scripted after a telenovela however it is slightly altered for American viewers. Executive producer, Salma Hayek, wanted to show the interconnectedness of cultures and people groups. Ugly Betty is her personal twist of the Colombian telenovela. This melting of Columbian and American cultures proves globalization and hybridity. Also, Ugly Betty centers on a Latina character’s challenges in finding her place in the hustle of the New York City culture. The show shows the connection between Betty’s Mexican roots and her city job. The cultures in the show are hybrided together. The show proves that the hybrid culture is prevalent in society. Ugly Betty demonstrates how two different cultures can blend to form a unique third culture. 

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